The skill shortage is still raging on into 2019 and companies are still struggling to find talented applicants. Retention of current staff members is therefore paramount.


In order to retain your talent there are ways to improve your staff engagement, boost morale and motivate your Teams.


Retaining staff is not the only positive effect of implementing these changes, your current staff will recommend your business to others, this will drive a volume of good applicants to your business and could be the deciding factor whether a candidate accepts your job opportunity over another.


Here are King Recruit’s 5 Ways to Retain your staff in 2019


  1. Ensuring your staff have breaks – Don’t let your staff be desk slaves, encourage them to take a walk or break away.
  2. Provide break out areas – Employees are more likely to take breaks if they have a designated area in which to do so. Add touches such as a fussball table, a coffee machine to create a relaxing environment. If you’re not, you can bet your competitors are doing this!
  3. Regular 1:1’s – these meetings aren’t just about tracking their work and targets. Their future aspirations, interests and achievements should always be discussed.
  4. In Team Meetings, empower the staff to lead the meeting, hand the floor over to them to talk freely, decide on a different leader and minute taker each time. This will encourage proactive behaviour and will encourage quieter team members to participate.
  5. Revising benefits – Studies have proven that staff are reward driven over and above pay. However if you are working in a talent shortage role such as IT, the bigger firms are paying over the odds to retain them.


Our Head of IT Recruitment, George says “Most of the time, developers, for example, stay within a role if the work or project is interesting rather than just moving for money”


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