RETAINED CLIENT – MULTIPLE APPOINTMENTS – Private Equity Backed High-Growth Holiday Letting Company.

 The brief

This highly successful Owner-Managed business was experiencing exponential growth via acquisitions and year on year organic growth and development.

The Travel Chapter had all five key challenges that we have highlighted in our Recruitment Partnering Solution (RPS) proposition:

Ambitious growth plans or financial backing: The Travel Chapter is Private Equity backed and is one of the most active companies in the acquisition market.

Not large enough to have in-house talent teams in HR: One of our first key hires was an HR Manager, however, recruitment still presented a ‘more than’ full-time job for an already time-challenged HR Manager.

Is a specialist brand looking for skills in short supply: The Travel Chapter required highly specialist skills in digital, technical, property management and sales together with emerging brand new jobs that are in short supply not only in the South West but in North Devon.

Who have project requirements or whilst upskilling teams: With the pace of growth the company’s most vital resource for growth was simply:  People. Across the whole of the company, demand outweighed supply.

Where geographical locations are a challenge: North Devon is beautiful and The Travel Chapter presents a very attractive company to achieve the ‘work-life’ balance however geography does remain a challenge. This is something we have worked together to address, both in terms of extending the search, head-hunting, actively encouraging relocation and increasing flexibility of working.

Recruitment was a key challenge for the company’s core divisions especially for highly specialist hires. The Managing Director cited the need for one preferred recruitment partner to manage all of their key hires; With the key aim of reducing the amount of time invested in recruitment by the company directors and maximizing the chances of success by having one retained recruiter.

King Recruit was appointed as a retained and preferred recruitment partner on an ongoing basis.

The process

King Recruit’s strategy from the outset was one of true partnering. We invested considerable time with the Managing Director and all members of the Board of Directors initially to gain a deep understanding of the business, different divisions and to build trust and rapport. With each division of the business being different in terms of requirements and skill sets, King Recruit developed micro-strategies for each core division. Regular monthly meetings and weekly updates facilitated a high level of service, reporting and successful delivery of results.

One of the key reasons for success was embracement by both parties to be collaborative, open and reciprocal in all respects. The Travel Chapter is the perfect example of how all companies should work with a recruitment company if they want to accelerate growth within their business.

The result

Consistent monthly hiring across all key departments including positions such as:

CRM Manager; Systems Project Manager; Business Development Managers; Digital & Technical Experts such as .Net Developers; Key Financial Hires & Specialist Hires (Non-Disclosed).

As a retained recruiter, King Recruit also provides ongoing investment into sourcing technical candidates and specialist industry-specific candidates. We have also provided project support to the redevelopment of the company recruitment site, key competitor analysis and salary benchmarking.

The client has continued to reciprocally invest time in this recruitment partnership and they would highly recommend our services to other high growth businesses.

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