The Brief 

Our client, a family-owned SME spanning 30 years in their industry based in the Southwest, were looking to hire an experienced Operations Manager. This hire was essential in order to continue their growth plans.  Their new Operations Manager needed to come in and sit with the board of directors, manage and support the office team with all their needs from Finance, Account queries, and the HR function.

Alongside leading the central support and payroll teams, there was a strong emphasis on finding someone who understood the challenges of the niche area of their retail industry and managing team retention.

The Process

The Operations Manager position required a candidate with a calm and organised approach, a naturally collaborative individual with patience and determination to bring the departments of the business together to work as one fluid entity.

Our client was keen to start the hiring process immediately, therefore King Recruit set up a recruitment campaign spanning LinkedIn and selected Job boards and headhunting individuals within our client’s area of specialism. Due to the specific nature of the brief Charlotte set a goal with our client of recruiting the individual within a four-week period, this was to include a 3-stage interview process, setting out specific deadlines for each stage to ensure a swift process for the candidate and client.

The result

King Recruit set up a recruitment campaign and headhunted the successful candidate. Our candidate was a General Manager overseeing multiple teams looking to take the next step. She was a natural, considerate leader with outstanding organisation abilities, very personable on all levels, and a strong communicator. The candidate went through a 3-stage interview process, from an initial meeting with the owner of the Business, next a meeting with the other main Director. The third stage was a “meet the family presentation” to ensure a Team fit. She was offered the day after her third stage presentation.

From the instruction to the offer stage, the process took 4 weeks. This success was due to a collaboration between King Recruit and our client, setting deadlines and defining how the interview process will take place. The brief we worked with was very specific and not open to interpretation, that definition made it clear to both parties as to what the successful candidate would have.


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