How to create a successful team

Coalescing your staff into a strong, vibrant and collaborative team will be the building blocks for achieving a thriving business.

Behind any business success is a dynamic team who have united together to reach a common goal. You may have the most incredible business idea and entrepreneurial brain, but without a powerful team harmoniously working together towards a shared plan, it runs the risk of falling flat before you’ve even got started.

It is no mean feat to achieve a successful team; it requires time, clear goals, strong leadership, trust and flexibility. But to succeed can be a very rewarding and fruitful journey. How do you accomplish it?

In Part 2 of a 4-Part Series on Start-Ups, King Recruit look at six steps to building a thriving and collaborative team.

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In the video below, Helen discusses how to build a thriving and collaborative team.

Our six steps to building a successful team:

Set clear goals and establish expectations

Every team member needs to know what their role is; exactly what their job entails, what milestones they need to be meeting, as well as focusing on the main goal. The most effective way to do this is by creating a comprehensive framework for each role within your company, but also ensuring that each framework is linked to a project, therefore enabling you to match the job to the team member with the right skill set. It is vital to set ground rules, communicate what culture and environment you want to foster, as well as the company’s bigger picture objectives such as 3 year goals and turnover. Clearly defining expectations from the outset will help to keep projects on track and avoid potential delays.

Different strokes for different folks

Every member of your team has their own story; they have different capabilities, varying skill sets, individual personalities. How you manage one person, won’t work for another, so you need to tailor your communication to each individual you are engaging with. Someone who is softly spoken and sensitive may not react well to a direct leadership style. Take time to get to know each team member, building high-quality relationships with each individual will enable you to understand each person separately. The better you understand them, the better you will be able to manage them and get the best version of them. Great leaders lead by example. It takes a strong and experienced skill set to recognise how to manage a team with different personalities, but understanding and knowing how to do it effectively can transform a person’s confidence and productivity.

Encourage connections within the team

Whilst remembering it is important for the team to be managed as individuals, it is just as important for each team member to appreciate each other as individuals who all bring diverse and valued skills to the team. Build a culture of respect where each person cares about one another. Encouraging colleagues to view each another as a business partner where they are working towards a shared goal can empower a team, helping to create a supportive and collaborative environment. Team building exercises, social events, ice breakers and specific team activities can help to form a positive ethos where people feel comfortable and connected with their team, which allows them to work better together.

Communication is key

Effective communication can nurture working relationships but it has to be consistent and appropriate. How many times have we heard of managers sending a communication by email when it would have been better received in person? Think about your audience; think about your team, what works for them? Sitting in an office away from your team may be necessary to achieve certain tasks, but utilise your communication methods and always remain approachable and communicate clearly and regularly. Good communication can help your team to feel informed, encouraged and motivated.

Inspire with positivity

As a start-up, you are likely to face many challenges on your journey. The way you react to those challenges will be clearly seen by your team and impact on how much they trust you and how confident they feel about the company. Building a company, means taking calculated risks which could prove extremely beneficial to your business, but obviously means there is also a risk of failure. Support your team by being positive and motivational after a problem has been encountered. If an action didn’t work, use your communication and team work skills to find out why and discuss what could be done differently next time. Using positive reinforcement is a much better way of motivating a team than naming and discrediting anyone who didn’t get it right. By displaying a positive attitude, even in times of adversity, it shows resilience and adaptability and promotes to your team the company ethos on overcoming problems.

Appreciate your team

One of the biggest impacts you can have on your team is by showing them you care and appreciate their hard work. Identifying your staff and rewarding them, can boost employee morale, productivity and creativity, which in turn can lead to a happier and more pleasant workplace. There are many ways and methods to show your team that you are grateful to them, although you may not have a large budget for it. If that is the case, find small ways to show that you appreciate them and that you value their input. Don’t underestimate the value of saying thank you.

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