Trusted is our Value of the Month for February at King Recruit.


We believe that the only way to build trust is to do what we say we are going to do, and we believe that trust is earned when actions meet words.

Everyone knows that trust in business is imperative to success, a quote from Bob Burg reads, “People do business with people they know, like and trust”.

But what about trust within your organisation, how important is trusting your colleagues, your manager or your employees?


Employees who trust their colleagues and leadership are more likely to be open, honest, empathetic, collaborative, and constructive. All of which boosts innovation and productivity.


When there is no trust within a team, productivity and collaboration take a hit.


Here at King Recruit all 4 of us have trust each other which has built a firm foundation for our success. Here are King Recruit’s top 5 tips for establishing trust between colleagues and leadership teams alike.


  1. Do what you say you will.

Trust comes from your efforts to keep your promises and align your behaviours to your values. By consistently doing what you say you will, you will build trust over time. Keeping to your commitments as a constant will mean that you will be seen as someone who can be relied upon. If you promised your manager that you will hand a report in by close of business make sure it is if you fail to present or miss a deadline without warning the natural assumption is that you will do it again.


  1. Be accountable

Everybody makes mistakes and if you claim you haven’t then people will wonder what you are hiding. Tell the truth, when you openly admit your errors you are actually showing credibility. Importantly, whatever mistake you have made can be corrected, rather than being swept under the carpet causing more issues in the long run. By holding your hands up you encourage honesty within the workforce, building a culture based on openness and honesty and a place in which you can admit your errors without fear of judgement. Openly admitting your mistakes can bring about positive change, maybe there could be steps added into processes to ensure that these mistakes aren’t reoccurring.


  1. Trust in others

Trust is a two-way street. Give colleagues opportunities to earn your trust by giving them a task or ask their opinion, by placing trust in them to do this for you this is likely to be reciprocated. Like most things, you must give to receive.

Trust in your colleagues and believe that when you ask others for help that they are on your side.


To truly trust your Team be open to other’s opinions in meetings or shared discussions and include or encourage colleagues who are usually quiet. When you ask a question make sure that you listen and consider their response.

Remember how you act to someone else’s idea or contributions is just as important as listening to what they say. If you instantly dismiss their idea or laugh at their suggestions you will lose any chance of that person trusting you.


  1. Manage Expectations

As important as it is to keep promises it’s just as important to manage expectations. If you are not able to meet a deadline or help as you promised, speak up so a resolution can be found. If you fail to deliver without any prior warning your colleagues may not trust you again with a task. If your manager asks for something to be completed within an unrealistic timescale suggest what would be more realistic and your reasoning. If the task is urgent and needs to be completed within a set time, set expectations and warn that other tasks will have to fall behind, prioritisation is key. Being honest in this situation will enable you to deliver on time and do what you said you would.


  1. Share Information

Being perceived as a Team Player by your colleagues builds trust. If you attend an industry event share what you learnt so as not to just benefit yourself. Or if you notice a colleague has made a mistake or error, speak up and assist. Your goals should be to help your colleagues develop and succeed, not keeping it to yourself in order to get ahead of your peers.

If you put yourself out there and share information or ideas you are showing a vulnerable side to your personality, this open approach will build trust with your peers.



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