Most people don’t just suddenly decide to leave their job overnight, it’s often a journey of ‘getting ready’ to leave, that can take months or maybe a couple of years before they are ready.


Step One: Picture the scenario, you’ve been thinking about leaving your current job for a year. You’ve ‘ummed and ahhed’, you’ve had numerous nights and weekends of talking it out with your partner, friends and family and now you’re ready to push the green button on your career move!


Step Two: You’ve updated your CV, you have sent it to job adverts and recruitment agencies followed by first, second and maybe third interviews. Now you’ve got that great job offer or job offers – halleluiah!


Step Three: You’ve got your dream job, you’ve signed your contract and mentally you have ‘moved on’ to the new and exciting job opportunity. The big day comes when you hand in your notice, no looking back that’s it you are ‘leaving’!


**Counter Offer Alert**



Why is it then, that as soon as you want to leave, you receive a counter offer? It’s almost as if your employer has suddenly realised your worth and they build all the reasons why you should stay. It begs the question, why didn’t they do that before?


King Recruit has seen an increase in applicants who hand their notice in to their current employers to start a new opportunity. A whopping 34% to be precise.

Whether its a salary increase, a promotion or an increase in benefits and a huge ‘emotional sell’ there’re certainly a skill in managing the counter offer process. Often it’s about reminding the individual about all the reasons why they wanted to leave in the first place.

Success levels are not always guaranteed!

The latest annual Job Exodus research from Investors in People suggests that almost half of workers in the UK are looking to move jobs this year. One in three are unhappy and similar numbers think they can get paid more elsewhere.

So why is it then that as soon as you want to leave you get a pay rise? Has your employer only just realised your worth, if so, why didn’t they recognise you when you were doing your job? And how do you feel after they have counter-offered? In some instances, this can have a negative effect, driving an employee to their new role rather than retaining them.

A counter-offer may not be just about the money, it could aim to address other key reasons for you to stay put, such as increased responsibility, more flexibility in your working pattern. Unless the salary was the only reason you were looking for new career options, accepting a counter-offer is rarely the answer. In our experience, most job seekers who stay put find themselves back on the job market a few months later, the reasons you were looking to leave remain wholly unresolved.


Here at King Recruit we are ambassadors for being your own brand, a keen focus on your own brand can help secure your promotion, salary increase or secure your new position (with a promotion and salary increase).


There are some tips on getting that salary increase which we would love to share with you:


  1. Build your brand – if you believe you deserve a payrise it’s for you to explain the reasons why, get your employers to buy into your brand. What added value have you brought to the business that has gone over and above your role. Remember a pay rise can’t go only on what you have done but what you are planning on doing in the future
  2. Research – what do others earn in your position? Is your job being advertised elsewhere, if so, make a note of the salary band, does your salary fall within this?
  3. Your Company’s financial status – If your company is doing well and your boss is doing well, then you are in with a better chance of success. Another good point is to ask at the start of your company’s new financial year, then you know there will be extra money in the pot for an increase.
  4. Find a sponsor – Sponsors are high level individuals that are aware of the work you do and your contributions to the business, the support of a sponsor who can illustrate your importance to the firm can be a big boost to supporting your pay rise
  5. Always be prepared to move, if you believe that there is no room for a pay rise then be prepared to move to a new opportunity who will value your worth.


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