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We are pleased to welcome Kate King to the Team. Kate has joined King Recruit as our Commercial Consultant. Over the next 6 weeks, Kate will be sharing her knowledge in a series of blogs, her first will be looking at how important sales teams are to your business.


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Exploring the importance of sales to your business.


As we hurtle at lightning speed into the digital age there have been some discussions around sales teams and their importance to the business, as most sales are now being made online. Retail has been hit especially hard and many popular high street stores continue to close their doors.


However, the fact remains, no sales means no business and no matter what your organisation has on offer, the Sales Department plays a pivotal role to its success.


The importance of a sales role is to close the gap between your client base’s needs and what your business has to offer that meets their requirements. Sales Teams are made up of many components, whether they are field-based or on the phone, the sales team are pivotal to your success.




King Recruit explores, three key ways in which sales supports your business growth.




1 . The importance of converting warm opportunities into confirmed business.

Sales professionals are normally the first people to speak with your client base, whether that be existing or brand new to your organisation.

When your sales team makes the connection they tend to be warm leads. Either they have heard of you, or have seen your advertising or marketing campaigns. This is where your sales team step into action!

By asking questions, listening to the client and gathering the information they are able to tailor their sales pitch, offer advice and potentially sell further business or other products on offer that haven’t been considered.

This is an attractive prospect for customers as the salesperson will be seen as the expert, if the products work for the client then it’s almost a guarantee that the client will be back again due to the service they received and start to build a relationship built on credibility and trust.

2 . Business Growth

As previously detailed sales play a key role when building credibility, trust and ultimately a relationship.

This relationship will grow your business. After your sales team have recommended the best product or service and your other departments deliver the product it’s likely this will lead to repeat business and a recommendation.


Online ratings and recommendations are extremely influential due to the reach of social and online media. Your digital brand awareness and business reach will grow significantly each time a recommendation is given.

New clients who have been given a recommendation or read will be diverted back to the sales team, thereafter the cycle is repeated and your business will grow.

3 . Customer Retention

An effective sales team are those that not only make the sales but create a long-lasting impression on your client base. The building of these relationships made by your sales team lead to repeat business, referrals and as we detailed previously brand awareness and reputation in the marketplace.

Another key role of the sales team is to follow up. After the Team have made the sale it’s important to make a call or visit a client to ensure that the product or service is working for them. Even if the product isn’t as expected this is an opportunity for the sales team to perhaps offer an alternative.

If there are any complaints the sales team will be on hand to rectify the issue quickly or escalate to another department who can assist. It’s imperative for sales teams to follow up, for some clients it’s easier to not complain but to simply switch suppliers, if the sales team are proactive this can be avoided.




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The power of a good sales team can never be underestimated. Struggling to recruit the best sales professionals? Contact Kate King – Commercial Consultant  at King Recruit on 07554 403157 for a confidential discussion. kate@kingrecruit.com