Are you Fighting Fit for February? Or have your career motivations disappeared along with the expensive gym membership attendance?

Remember how on the 1stJanuary you had really good intentions; setting yourself (possibly unachievable) goals. How far did you get?

There’s a misconception that January is the peak time for getting the recruitment cycle going, however with everyone handing in their notice in January the best time is actually February, all of these new vacancies need candidates!

Don’t worry if you blinked and January disappeared, now really is the time to create a new job search full of renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Even if you have started the cycle but you haven’t had much success, don’t get caught in the same process, make changes to break the negative sequence.


Not sure where to start? Here are King Recruit’s Top Tips for fighting fit.


Revamp your resume

 On average 250 CV’s are received for each position therefore yours needs to stand out. How long is your CV? The average time spent looking at a CV is 5 – 7 seconds at initial application, therefore 4 pages of job history spanning 20 years isn’t going to cut it. Keep your CV short and to the point. No more than 2 pages of A4. Have you considered a Skills CV? It includes a personal statement at the top, your skillset underneath and then your job history below.

Use an application like Grammarly to check your CV, one spelling or grammar mistake could see your CV in the bin.

It’s worth noting that 76% of CV’s are ignored if your email address is unprofessional, you may have really loved One Direction in the past but doesn’t scream serious professional!

Extend your reach.

 Scrolling through job boards hoping that your dream position crops up can be an arduous task. You need to extend your network, and you don’t need to go far.

Your friends, previous colleagues or business associates can be an untapped resource of new opportunity.

On LinkedIn connect with new contacts, if you really want to work for a certain firm, connect with their Talent or HR Department. Or do it the old fashioned way and pick up the phone to request an informal discussion.


Or locate a trusted Recruiter to do the hard work for you.See our blog here that highlights 5 Top Reasons to go ahead and discuss your aspirations with a Recruiter. If you are looking for a change in direction a good Recruiter could change more than just your career.


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