What a year of changes 2020 has been! Most businesses have had to adapt one way or another and the way in which we work may have changed forever – who knows?

That being said, there are plenty of predictable trends we’ll see emerging in 2021, following on from the necessary changes that have been made in 2020.


Working from home – Here to stay

Companies and candidates alike are becoming increasingly flexible due to the changeable nature of the current economic climate. Some companies will be more likely to expect employees to have the facility to work from home where necessary and candidates will likely assume the flexibility to work from home is a given.

For office-based roles, the ability to work remotely will be deemed a plus, especially for those who are seeking employment in a company that is not located near them. This works both ways, as the pool size from which companies can draw candidates will increase.

A huge number of companies are now focussed on improving their online business model, so digital skills will be high up on the priority list.


Soft Skills in Focus

Personal characteristics such as the ability to communicate well, reliability, transparency, trustworthiness, initiative and efficiency are all likely to be sought after as businesses must be able to ensure productivity is continued, whilst trusting their team to work remotely.


Employee Wellbeing

Work/life balance and mental health are hot topics as 2020 has seen many people suffering with stress and anxiety due to the crisis. Companies are eager to improve their support for employees, championing the ‘happy workforce = productive workforce’ mantra.



Recruitment is becoming increasingly automated as the sheer volume of applicants is on the rise. There is already technology out there that can screen candidates using AI as HR departments are swamped. Long gone are the days of the personal, ‘sorry you were unsuccessful’ call or email as companies opt for a triggered response or none at all.



Diversity is of huge importance and there has certainly been an uptick of late. Not only are employers diversifying their workforce by cultural background but also by age, with the Boomer generation retiring later and Gen Z entering the workforce. The flexibility of remote working also means that more opportunities are opening up for those who are unable to work in a non-accessible environment. Variety is key, and many companies will be looking for ‘outside the box’ thinkers.


New Talent

Businesses are now picking back up and this means a lot of them will need an injection of new talent, which is great news for those looking for a new challenge. In our recent survey of Southwest businesses from around the region, encouragingly, 59% reported prioritising hiring new people as a result of growth, and a further 59% are also up-skilling and cross-skilling the workforce. For the full survey results: Click Here


2021 looks bright!



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