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How to be a successful People Director in today’s marketplace.

Being a People Director can be a difficult and challenging role. It is a position that requires a great deal of skill, knowledge and empathy in order to be successful. As the role of a People Director is incredibly varied, it can be difficult to know how to make the most of the role and be an effective leader.

We highlight 8 ways that a People Director can be highly effective: 
  1. Understanding the law: It is important for a People Director to have a comprehensive understanding of the UK legal system and how it applies to their role. This includes the employment law, health and safety regulations, and any other legislation that may apply to the organisation. 
  2. Developing people: A People Director should have a good understanding of the development needs of their team and be able to create development plans that are tailored to their individual needs. They should also ensure that any development takes place within a safe and supportive environment. 
  3. Building relationships: A People Director should be able to develop strong relationships with their team and other stakeholders. This includes understanding their needs and concerns, and being able to respond to them in a timely and appropriate manner. 
  4. Being proactive: It is important for a People Director to be proactive and take the initiative when it comes to making decisions and dealing with issues. This means being aware of any potential problems and taking steps to prevent them before they become an issue. 
  5. Being a leader: A People Director should be able to lead by example, demonstrate a positive and motivating attitude and show their team that they are capable of achieving great things. 
  6. Communication: It is important that a People Director is able to communicate effectively with their team and other stakeholders. This includes being able to listen to their concerns and feedback, and respond in a clear and concise manner. 
  7. Performance management: A People Director should be able to effectively manage the performance of their team, and ensure that they are meeting the desired goals and objectives. This includes setting and monitoring targets, and providing constructive feedback. 
  8. Promoting a positive culture: A People Director should be able to create and promote a positive and productive working environment. This includes promoting the core values of the organisation, encouraging collaboration, and creating a sense of shared purpose. 

These 8 points can be applied to any growing business, as they all focus on the key elements of a successful People Director.

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