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This is Magda’s second blog in a series of 4. Here Magda shares her insight into why a specialist Recruiter can help you attract the top tech talent. Missed Magda’s first blog on how you can retain your top tech talent? See the blog here.

Hunting for Top Tech Talent? Speak to a Specialist.

Struggling to attract the top IT talent? You are not alone. Tech Recruitment is one of the key challenges for businesses in 2019, and 2020 doesn’t look to be any different. It can be particularly difficult for companies in the Southwest, which has a rather different employment and recruitment landscape than London. Combine this with the recent acceleration in technology and the growing demand for technical skills, finding and hiring top tech candidates can be as troublesome as finding a needle in a haystack!


Every business is facing the same challenge, with the top techies being ‘in demand’ they no longer have a need to apply for jobs, jobs come to them. All of these factors could leave your inbox lacking in the application department.


Every business needs to understand that the very best candidates are not necessarily active in the market, and looking for a new role. However utilising the skills of a specialist Tech Recruiter who uses a Search and Selection method and who cultivates a candidate community, can really make the difference between a satisfactory hire and a great hire!

Here King Recruit explores 5 ways in which we can help you hire the best talent.



1)   You get the best talent, not just the best talent that is actively looking for work

When most organisations recruit directly, they do so by posting a job ad on one or more of general job sites that are available such as Total Jobs, or Indeed alongside their own website. While this can be a reasonably effective recruitment strategy, it’s not the most effective, especially when you are searching for talent who have no need to job hunt.

Top tech talent are well aware of how in-demand they are and will not necessarily be on the look-out for a new opportunity.

Specialist Tech Recruiters spend their time building a database of candidates, whether they are actively looking or passively waiting for their next role. Remember Recruiters place candidates, if they have placed top talent before they are likely to look to a trusted recruiter when it comes to finding their next career move.

2)  You get more of the right applications.

Your Specialist Tech Recruiter will do the leg work for you. Rather than being inundated with unsuitable applications, your recruiter will present the best candidates. They will discuss the candidate’s suitability for your role. Salary expectations will be laid out from the beginning which will assist in your negotiations at offer stage. Not only that, a recruiter will take the time to understand your business, it’s requirements and very importantly your culture. They will only provide you with a shortlist of candidates who meet your criteria.

3)  You get someone who understands the unique job market with industry insight

Another plus of utilising the skills of a Specialist Tech Recruiter is that they know the market, they know who’s looking, they know who’s hiring. Specialist Tech Recruiters spend time speaking with multiple businesses like yours, they talk to top candidates and can create a wish list of what will persuade them to accept a new opportunity or what they are looking for in their next career move.  They also spend time networking and attending events, all the time building upon their network of potentials for your business.


4) It will save you money on advertising

When you advertise directly on job boards for even the most niche roles, you can be inundated with applications. It’s incredibly easy to apply for jobs on most of the major job sites, many of which have a ‘one-click apply’ feature. Unfortunately, many job seekers take an ‘apply for everything’ approach.

 Rather than paying for expensive adverts in all the wrong locations, a Specialist Tech Recruiter will only advertise on the sites that matter, sites that your business may never have encountered. Not only that, they know what appeals to tech candidates, rather than a wordy job ad your recruiter will create a job advert that stands out based on their market knowledge and experience.

5) You get to get on with what you’re good at

Perhaps the biggest benefit is that by using a Specialist Tech Recruiter, the headache that is recruitment is completely removed and you can get on with what you are good at. The fact is when your business does its own recruitment, every minute that you spend writing job adverts or sifting through job applications is time that could be better spent on what you do best. Having a retained recruitment partner like King Recruit facilitates this.


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