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How to prepare for an interview

Congratulations! You've been asked to attend an interview!   "Fail to prepare and prepare to fail", this quote couldn't be more appropriate when it comes to preparing for an interview.   By demonstrating to the Interviewer you have taken time to prepare for the opportunity you are showing enthusiasm, dedication and that you are serious about the position. Being prepared…

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How to write an impactful cover letter

How to write an impactful cover letter. When creating your job application, sending your CV may not cut it if you are one of many applying for the role.   A well-written cover letter is the most effective way to help your application stand out. The potential employer will see more than just your work history; they learn about you,…

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How to create a standout CV

Before you even start the search for your new career, creating a standout CV is paramount. Get it right and you'll get noticed, get it wrong and you could be rejected or overlooked for the perfect opportunity. Whilst it's important to tailor your CV for each position you apply for, there are certain guidelines to follow to ensure consistency and…

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Is Your Business Opportunistic In Hiring Key Talent?

While opportunistic hiring may sound like a fancy HR term the idea. Simply, it refers to hiring good talent when the opportunity arises, rather than waiting for a position to open. In theory, the top talent who add value to an organisation will inevitably be snapped up quickly, so it’s worth considering hiring an individual even when a job doesn’t…

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Why Your Business Needs Recruitment Partnering!

King Recruit have been running a successful Recruitment Partnership programme for over 2 years. Here are the top 5 reasons for using a Recruitment Partner If you don’t have an HR department or Talent Management provision you will require a full recruitment solution that feels like an extension of your business. Using skilled, experienced recruitment expertise to understand your business…

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Is there really a war for talent?

Face Key Recruitment Challenges Head-On  With The Help Of An Executive Recruitment Partner. Is there really a war for talent? Whilst it may not have quite gotten to being an actual battlefield, businesses are finding that their biggest challenge when trying to attract new staff is the amount of competition that is out there in what is an increasingly candidate-led…

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What are the workplace trends for 2020?

Year on year the workplace continues to evolve – So what will 2020 look like?   For businesses to continue to grow and develop these trends are definitely worth considering in order to ensure the productivity and development of your workforce.   Here King Recruit explore 5 emerging trends for 2020:     1.The Continued Rise in Tech  It won’t…

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How to ace your 2020 recruitment strategy

How to ace your 2020 recruitment strategy: King Recruit’s ultimate guide   If you are one of the many businesses planning your recruitment strategy in January for the whole of the year and beyond, you’ll know that effective planning and delivery could make a huge difference to the success of the overall business in 2020.   It’s clear that building…

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Which positions will be the hardest to fill in 2020?

Which positions will be the hardest to fill in 2020?   With the UK employment rate at the highest on record, finding great talent has never been more of a challenge for South West businesses. Predominantly for the three months ending September 2019, the highest employment rate estimate in the UK was in the South West at 81%. As well…

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