Once upon a time, the power was all with the employer, and it was simply a case of advertising a position and then picking the best candidate.

The situation is now much more complicated. With the rate of jobless being at 4% of the population, the lowest since early 1975, we know that the best candidates may not necessarily be those that are actively looking for a new role.

With the surge of LinkedIn, Indeed and in-house talent teams, it’s easy to think that talent attraction is simple. However, the best candidates you think you want to hire are in the secure employment, probably with one of your competitors AND, they are not necessarily looking to move unless something really tempts them away and the market conditions are right.


Job Advertising is becoming less effective

Sourcing may have got easier, but the recruitment of the best calibre candidates will continue to get harder. The selection that’s ‘delivered’ via advertising or even some mild head-hunting approaches via LinkedIn is often the low hanging fruit when it comes to securing the most relevant skills, aptitude and expertise for the role.

With many candidates holding court when it comes to the employment market, bringing on board the best talent is crucial if your business is to grow and become more profitable.

If you’re like many businesses however, accessing and engaging with high-quality potential employees can be difficult. With many commentators calling it a “war for talent”, the very best candidates are in high demand by companies across the Southwest, the UK and even Europe and further, meaning that your business has to do everything in its power to secure these high-quality people.


Why headhunting will become increasingly crucial to secure the best talent

Working with a Headhunting partner is the best step that you can take to overcome this challenge. Recruitment is an ever-changing environment and a professional search firm is often best-placed to focus on the right avenues to secure your business the very best talent

If you’ve never used a Headhunter before, now is a very good time to start. Here are five ways in which King Recruit can be the solution to your recruitment needs.


The case for an effective Headhunting partner.


You get the best talent, not just the best talent that is actively looking for work

When most organisations recruit directly, they do so by posting a job advert on one or more of the general job sites that are available. While this can be a reasonably effective recruitment strategy, it’s not the most effective, especially when you are looking for the harder to fill, senior or specialist positions.

With this approach, you are advertising your vacancy to people who are actively looking for a new role. While there may be some very good candidates found this way, the fact is that most of the very best candidates for your role aren’t actively looking for work. They are passive.

This is where the skills of King Recruit’s Headhunting services come to the fore in identifying and attracting exclusive or untapped talent.

Another method is via ‘own network’ or ‘recommendations’ however, again this can limit the pool of talent available out there, especially in the broader UK market.

You get fewer applications but those that you do get are of a higher quality

When you advertise directly on job boards for even the most niche, senior roles, you can be inundated with applications. It’s incredibly easy to apply for jobs on most of the major job sites, many of which have a ‘one-click apply’ feature.

Unfortunately, many job seekers take an ‘apply for everything’ approach. With a Headhunter however, instead of having to wade through piles of unsuitable applications, you’ll get a handful of carefully selected and rigorously interviewed individuals. All of which meet your criteria and have been thoroughly checked. It saves you a significant amount of time, money and insight.

You get someone who understands the unique Southwest job market

When you use King Recruit, you don’t just get a Headhunter, but you get one that understands the unique nature of the Southwest job market. While there is no doubt that many of the London-based Headhunters are very good at what they do, businesses in the Southwest of the UK have unique needs and challenges when it comes to recruitment.

Here at King Recruit, we are uniquely placed to understand these and overcome the challenges that talent attraction in the Southwest can bring.

King Recruit is trusted by top professionals with their next move

As a well-established headhunting and executive search firm in the Southwest, we’re trusted by top professionals with their next move. We have an excellent reputation thanks to our previous work with both clients and candidates and many candidates trust us solely to search out their next opportunity.

You get to carry on with the strategic work that’s crucial to your business, whilst we effectively ‘do the leg work’

Recognising that recruitment is a key factor in business performance and growth, this means that some of your competitors will be stepping up their game when recruiting, making it increasingly difficult for you to attract key talent.

To counter this however doesn’t necessarily have to be about big increases in recruiting budgets. If you’re not currently using a headhunting partner, then your business may not be recruiting as effectively and as cost-efficiently as possible. By bringing on board a specialist search partner, not only are you bringing on specialist skills and a network of high-quality potential candidates, you’re also freeing up your own key members of staff to get on with what they’re good at.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is that by using a Headhunter, the headache that is recruitment is completely removed. The fact is when your business does its own recruitment, every minute that you spend on recruitment could be better spent on what you do best.

Having a retained recruitment partner like King Recruit facilitates this.


If you’d like to explore how we can help you with your specialist or senior hires, call our talented team on: 01392 790725 or email: enquiries@kingrecruit.com