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Should they stay or go? – The Counter-Offer

Should you make that counter-offer? It’s a reality of running a business or managing a team, your star performers think the grass is greener, your specialist staff are the target of head-hunters and your managers may be tempted by the next 'startup' business...

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Ever been promoted when you hand in your notice?

Ever been promoted when you hand in your notice?

Most people don’t just suddenly decide to leave their job overnight, it’s often a journey of ‘getting ready’ to leave, that can take months or maybe a couple of years before they are ready.   Step One: Picture the scenario, you’ve been thinking about leaving your...

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Are you Fighting Fit for February?

    Are you Fighting Fit for February? Or have your career motivations disappeared along with the expensive gym membership attendance? Remember how on the 1stJanuary you had really good intentions; setting yourself (possibly unachievable) goals. How far did...

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Be Your Own Brand!

We recently published an article from Recruitment Grapevine who state that 1 in 4 Brits will focus on a new job in 2019, see the article here.   January is typically the time to make a resolution: Be happier, read more, lose weight… the list is endless… but how...

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We’re Hiring! Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant / Specialist Recruiter King Recruit is a dynamic, highly successful and established recruitment business based in the heart of the Southwest, Exeter in Devon. As an independent consultancy that has developed a modern approach to recruitment, we...

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Preparing for the Final Interview

Preparing for the final interview with the Board? You’ve sailed through the first and second interview stages relatively unscathed. You feel fairly smug having batted off solid competition to make it to the final stage with the Board. Amidst the quiet internal...

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