Year on year the workplace continues to evolve – So what will 2020 look like?


For businesses to continue to grow and develop these trends are definitely worth considering in order to ensure the productivity and development of your workforce.


Here King Recruit explore 5 emerging trends for 2020:



1.The Continued Rise in Tech

 It won’t come as a surprise to anyone but for 2020 and thereafter, tech jobs are the most in-demand and are predominantly the hardest jobs to fill.

Rather than workers being afraid that they will be replaced by a robot, consider it as a tool to enhance the employee experience. In order for tech to work for us, it needs to be humanised.

Humanising tech means designing technology to be better for humans and better at interacting with humans.

Millennials and Gen Z are starting to join the workforce, they live and breathe technology as it infiltrates every aspect of their working and personal lives. 3 years ago workplaces adopted new technology which we now consider to be standard, our reliance on our tech certainly won’t be changing anytime soon!

2.Changing the Way Work to Protect the Environment

 Being considerate to our environment on a personal and business level is a hot topic. Whether you are a large multinational company or a one office SME everyone can make an impact.

Whether you change the way you dispose of your rubbish to encourage recycling, introduce a cycle to work or car share scheme to cut down on commuting, or swapping out any plastics there are lots of ways we can adapt our working environments to be sustainable. The onus is on all of us to start to repair the damage caused by our disposable lifestyles.

Why not buy all of your staff a reusable notepad that erases your notes in the microwave, see it here Rocketbook Wave.

3. Moving Away from the Traditional Office.

 As previously detailed the advancements in technology and communication means we can work at any time, in any location. This is reflected in the up and coming trend of co-working. Rather than companies tying themselves into expensive leases and agreements more and more companies are moving into a Coworking arrangement. This is an arrangement in which several workers from different companies share an office space, allowing cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructures, such as equipment and utilities.

As the call for the 9 to 5 office dwindles could coworking be the future?


4. Employee Wellbeing

 If this isn’t top of your priority list it should be for 2020. It’s not rocket science; a happy workforce is a productive workforce. Companies have learnt that their staff’s mental health will have a massive impact on their performance.

The onus is on employers to ensure that their staff are well cared for mentally. By putting in place mental health professionals either externally or internally, offering counselling or confidential sessions to employees who are struggling are steps in the right direction.

If these initiatives are used in conjunction with flexible working options, break out areas and other employee benefits, employees will feel that their place of work is an asset to their health rather than a detriment.

5. Hiring Strategy

 It’s a guarantee that the hiring process will be subject to continuous change. See our most recent blogs on preparing your recruitment plan for the coming year** However, we believe that in 2020 we will see businesses increasingly invest in their current talent.

The headlines on talent shortages and skills gaps are all over the media but if businesses look to invest in their top talent they need only look internally for the answer.

In 2020 Gen Z will start to rise within the workforce, they may be the youngest, but they want more from their careers than their predecessors. They want room to grow, learn and develop in their profession. Ensure that your business offers the chance for them to do just that.



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