Why Sales Culture needs to change!


This is Kate’s last blog in this series. Here Kate shares her opinions on why sales culture needs to change and how businesses can keep pace with the rapid changes in how customers buy.


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Sales. The word “sales” still holds a negative stereotype, the mind goes to cheesy car salespeople or telemarketers giving customers the hard sell over the phone, not taking no for an answer! But sales isn’t a dirty word. Sales is the backbone of any growing business, put simply, sales is just a business transaction.


It’s good to see that sales culture is changing, the hard sell has become a thing of the past in fast-moving, progressive businesses. Customers are changing the way they buy, advancements in technology are moving potential customers away from traditional face to face selling to and the convenience of buying online – whether that’s B2B or B2C.


However, it’s still common that people buy from people, and people buy from people they know and trust or a brand that they know and trust.


So how can we stress the importance of cultivating a better interpretation of how sales is viewed, ‘speak to the changing needs of customers’ and drive a better sales culture?


Here, Kate King – Commercial Consultant for King Recruit, explores 5 ways we can reposition sales in today’s market.

  1. Don’t see sales as selling

 The word sales still has a negative stereotype attached to it. Sales is simple, it’s providing a solution to a problem or a required product that is bought from a provider. Simple! So rather than seeing yourself as a ‘salesperson’, see yourself as the provider of solutions or products. This attitude will improve your sales techniques.


  1. Sales isn’t a one size fits all approach

Another negative that needs to be eradicated from our psyche is selling for the sake of sales. Businesses need to drop the excessive KPI’s which can force their teams to sell incorrect products, which in turn will have a negative impact on your business. Customers who are sold the incorrect product will either complain and not return or negatively feedback online affecting your brand.

Customers want that tailored approach when it comes to a purchase, seeing your customer as a sale rather than an individual will hinder any return business.


  1. Have a passion for your product.

Customers will not buy from any salesperson if they do not believe in what they are selling. You and your sales teams must have a strong conviction that your product is the solution and it will deliver results. If your sales teams fully understand your product and have a real passion, the confidence will reflect in their approach.


  1. Focus on the pain points

When you are selling to a customer they will fully expect you to come out with an extensive spiel of how every single element of your product works or give you a long list of other services.

However, if you get the bottom of the customer’s pain points you can then fit the solution around them. Customers are living busier lives; they haven’t got time to read a 30-page document about your product or listen on the phone for 10 minutes while you read a long list of benefits none of which the customer can relate too.

The key to modern selling is aligning your product to their problem.


  1. Build a connection and add value

 Starting with a hard sell to potential customers is an instant turn off. Building a genuine connection with a potential customer takes time, make friends first and do business last, the results will be worth it. Look for ways to add value, offer advice, suggest different options, maybe a free trial or a test of the product.

Only after you have added value it may then be time to make the sale but don’t rush, any potential customer who feels pressure to buy will back off. Realise that a genuine connection takes time.


Remember you will face rejection. By staying ahead and adapting your business approach to understand how customers buy you will be better positioned to get your message across to potential customers and businesses.

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