Yes, Recruitment Agencies are there to fill your jobs, but do you see them as anything more? Here’s 4 reasons why Recruitment Agencies should be seen as a Recruitment Partner….

1.Assist in your strategies and develop business solutions

Working closely with a Recruitment Partner throughout your hiring process will develop your strategy, providing your business with an effective strategic process to make key hires. A Recruitment Partner will also provide you with a flow of candidates in order to fill skill shortages and adapt to the short term and long term needs of the business.

2. Access to Top Talent with in demand skills

If you are suffering from a skills shortage within your business, the knock on effect could be delayed timelines and projects and your business could suffer as a result. Your Recruitment Partner has a pool of talent to detect candidates with the skillset required providing your business with a stable source of quality candidates. With their up to date Market knowledge Recruiter’s will be aware of candidates that are open to new opportunities within your industry and can make an introduction.

3. Market Expertise

In order for a Recruiter to stay ahead they need to be up to date on key market trends, to include the skill supply, demand and market rates. They have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the movements of the industry’s top talent and through sourcing everyday they have good instincts. By developing long term, strategic partnerships with a Recruitment Partner, leaders can utilise the knowledge and expertise they have.

4. Cost

Many companies will be unaware that utilising a Recruitment Partner can save them money. While recruiting and promoting internally is an important part of the process Recruiters have access to a wide variety of candidates, have tried and tested marketing campaigns and will work on a strategy with you. The benefits of going external is that resource allocated to recruitment can then be reallocated elsewhere in the business and the lengthy process can be delegated.


At King Recruit we believe in Recruitment partnering, have a look at our testimonials here.

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