King Recruit Founder and CEO Helen Plumridge shared her expertise on maximising motivation and creating success, with Recruitment Entrepreneur’s Marketing Director Tom Burkinshaw.

In Episode 4 of the Podcast released by Recruitment Entrepreneur, you can hear Helen discuss her interesting journey into the world of recruitment. She talks about her background in the management and executive market, her experience of working in a corporate environment, why she choose to close her first recruitment business, but then launch two others after having a family. Plus she shares her insights on maximising motivation and creating success, in this absorbing podcast.

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Episode Overview:
[00:43] Helen’s start to the recruitment industry & inspiration
[02:19] How does Helen stand out from others
[03:24] Experience from working in a corporate environment
[04:44] The importance and value of branding
[06:45] The launch of Helen’s first recruitment business and what came after
[08:21] Journey after her first business and going back to corporate
[09:39] Taking a break from the recruitment industry and Helen’s journey back in
[11:47] Confidence of launching King Recruit and King Executive
[13:04] Staying motivated to run and manage your own business
[17:31] Decision to seek investment and a business partner within Recruitment Entrepreneur
[20:17] On target for another successful year
[23:04] Keeping a healthy work and lifestyle mentality
[24:14] Securing a new office space and hybrid working

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