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We are excited to welcome Magda King to the team at King Recruit. Magda has joined as Tech Consultant and will focus on hiring Developers, Analysts, Project Managers and more! Over the next 4 weeks Magda will be sharing her knowledge in a series of blogs, her first will be exploring how to hire and retain top tech talent.

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How to retain your  top tech talent.

Looking ahead to 2020, hiring in the technology sector is still going to be a challenge. The way that technology is evolving, means that the people who operate in the tech world are struggling to keep up.

With gaps in skills and the talent shortages showing no sign of slowing down, companies need to step up to develop a strategic plan for attracting and retain their top tech talent.

King Recruit have devised 3 ways in which to keep your tech teams happy:

1) Develop your Developers

Many employers think that an increase in salary is a way of retaining or attracting new staff but it can be quite the opposite. With a shortage on talent other businesses will simply up their offers.

One thing that motivates more than money is the opportunity to develop, investing in your employee’s knowledge is far more beneficial than throwing money their way.

Upon review of your skills gaps, look to upskill your current workforce, your employees will feel appreciated that their employer is investing in them, at the same time any gaps in skills and knowledge will be filled.

Tech staff love to learn and any additional training courses or a chance to share knowledge are always welcome.

2) Talk to your Techies!

Chances are your top talent are sought after by multiple businesses and recruitment agencies.

To stay in poll position, simply communicate and engage!

Whether that be email updates, a phone call or break out times during the week, it’s important to make the effort to communicate. Even if there are no new developments, let them know either way to ensure a high level of engagement.

Transparency here is also key. Understand what they want and what you can offer in order to provide the best service for both you and your teams.

Think creatively! Whether that’s a weekly quiz with a leader-board, social interaction at 4pm on a Friday to review the week or taking it one step further like Google, and giving them 10% of their working week to work on personal projects.

3) Give them the work / life balance

Like all top talent in every industry flexibility and work/life balance are becoming a priority and could be a deal breaker when searching for a new career or staying where they are.

Advances in tech means there is no longer a need for our Tech teams to be in the office 9 -5. That practice now seems archaic.

If your employees wish to work outside of these hours or change the days/work from home, whatever the reason have the discussion and give them flexibility. If your employee is happier outside of work because of these changes then the positivity will shine through in the office.

A reduction in hours or an offer of flexibility doesn’t mean that your techies aren’t still looking to develop. Set a career path for them, set any goals or training sessions to fit in with their schedule.

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