As World Cup fever sweeps the nation here at King Recruit we are thinking about your Teams.


When you look at your Team who are your players? Do you have a good mix of strikers, defenders and mid fielders, or do you have excellent defence but are lacking in players at the front? Do you have the winning side? Are they Brazil who have masses of quality to call upon with the mentality of champions? Or are they Uruguay, full of potential, with a striker like Suarez or Godin in defence – Could they be the dark horse of the Tournament?


Our industries are suffering with skills shortages as the war on talent continues coupled with 60% of SME’s without a succession plan in place – King Recruit is asking…

“Is it time to take a different approach?”


Rather than looking for a Ronaldo of Portugal or a Messi of Argentina, who are hard to find and could be costly to retain, do we now look to the up and coming, like Phil Foden of Manchester City or Marco Asensio of Real Madrid. Do they have the potential, do they have the soft skills to build upon to make a great player?


The top 7 soft skills we should be focussing on are:


  1. Acting as a Team Player– this means not only being cooperative with your Team and acting within the Team’s best interests, but also displaying strong leadership skills.


  1. Flexibility– this is an extremely valuable asset to employees. Employees who can adapt to any situation are dependable no matter what’s thrown at them.


  1. Effective Communication– this is vital to almost any job. Communication involves articulating oneself well, being a good listener and using appropriate body language.


  1. Problem – solvingand resourcefulness – no matter what your profession, these skills are critical when unexpected issues inevitably arise.


  1. Accepting feedback– not only accepting feedback positively but also applying that feedback aids professional growth.


  1. Confidence– By being confident and capable, your colleagues and clients will believe in what you are saying, that being said, it’s also important to always have the knowledge and skills to support self-assurance.


  1. Creative thinking– being able to come up with unique solutions or alternatives is invaluable; it drives innovation and increases efficiency.


When it comes to hiring you could look internally. Maybe you have a sub on the bench with these attributes waiting for their chance to prove themselves on the pitch. Or you hire externally, the transfer window in recruitment is always open, now could be the time to hunt for your star player!


How are you placing your bets? The rising star or the Golden Boot?


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