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Will 2021 really see a war on talent?

MISCONCEPTIONS We hear it all the time....But aren't there lots of candidates out there....? It's going to be easy to hire, I'll just put out an advert and have lots of applications right? Actually, mainly wrong but partly right. If you are simply looking for somebody in Customer Service, you will probably have lots of choice. However, if you are looking for…

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Should they stay or go? – The Counter-Offer

Should you make that counter-offer? It’s a reality of running a business or managing a team, your star performers think the grass is greener, your specialist staff are the target of head-hunters and your managers may be tempted by the next 'startup' business opportunity. Sometimes, them leaving will suit you and sometimes it won’t. Typically, it won’t suit you if the…

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Hiring Trends 2021

What a year of changes 2020 has been! Most businesses have had to adapt one way or another and the way in which we work may have changed forever – who knows? That being said, there are plenty of predictable trends we’ll see emerging in 2021, following on from the necessary changes that have been made in 2020.   Working…

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Is the Southwest employment market recovering?

Is the Southwest employment market in recovery? King Recruit is committed to bringing you the results from around the region across multiple sectors. 2020 has been an uncertain year for businesses and the impact has been devastating for many. That being said, there are a vast number of businesses who have survived and even thrived by pivoting their products or…

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The Do’s And Don’ts of Senior Sales Interviews.

Looking for your next senior sales role? The Do’s And Don’ts of Senior Sales Interviews.   This is Kate’s third blog in the series of four. Here Kate shares her do’s and don’ts of Senior Sales Interview.   Missed Kate’s other blogs? …. See them here and here.    Once you’ve identified the role that you want, it’s vital that you…

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Why “sales” is more important than ever!

We are pleased to welcome Kate King to the Team. Kate has joined King Recruit as our Commercial Consultant. Over the next 6 weeks, Kate will be sharing her knowledge in a series of blogs, her first will be looking at how important sales teams are to your business.   Read the full article below. Exploring the importance of sales…

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Why sales culture needs to change!

    Why Sales Culture needs to change!   This is Kate’s last blog in this series. Here Kate shares her opinions on why sales culture needs to change and how businesses can keep pace with the rapid changes in how customers buy.   Missed Kate’s other blogs in the series, see them all here: Exploring The Importance Of Sales…

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How to attract & retain top sales talent!

  This is Kate’s second blog in a series of 4. Here Kate shares her insight into how you can attract and retain the best sales talent. Missed Kate’s first blog on the importance of sales to your business? See the blog here….   How to attract and retain the best sales talent in the Southwest   Just like…

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What’s the real South West Impact from Covid-19?

Covid-19’s Impact on the South West Employment Market: Survey Results If you want to hear what’s really going on in the world of work from our South West business leaders – See Helen our MD's Video and keeping reading for the full results below... Check out this video: As part of King Recruit’s Covid-19 pledge, to support individuals and…

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