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12% of South West businesses prepared for future tech trends

Here at King Recruit, we are championing Future Talent Today (#futuretalenttoday). We all know that the future lies in technology and that many businesses are falling behind in their technical abilities and others have no idea where to start when considering how to future proof their business.   SME’s in the South West all know how important technology is but…

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Women in tech!

Women in tech, why businesses should be championing female techies.   It’s no secret tech is big business. Tech businesses, Tech start up’s and specialist tech networking events are everywhere! Studies in Computer Science are on the up, the field is growing.   However, top tech talent is still proving difficult to find, but is the industry missing a trick?…

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Helen’s recruitment journey podcast

Recently our MD Helen travelled to London to record Season 2 | Ep 13 of The RAG Podcast, "Helen's Recruitment Journey". Helen was interviewed by Sean Anderson, CEO of Hoxo. Within the interview, Helen discusses her passion for the recruitment industry and why the corporate world just wasn't for her. It's a very open and honest interview and Helen is…

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How to negotiate a salary increase

Whether you are asking for an increase or negotiating a job offer asking for a pay rise can be one of the more awkward tasks, but it doesn’t need to be. Asking for a pay rise at any point can feel unsettling enough to prevent us from approaching the subject, but if you feel a pay rise is deserved you…

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How to decide between 2 job offers

If you are reading this article, congratulations! It’s a fantastic position to be in having two job offers on the table. However, the complication now is what one to choose. As you’re reading this we can assume that both offers are looking fairly equal, so how will you decide?  Deciding between two job offers isn’t a simple process, and it’s…

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How to ace the interview

The time has come, all of your hard work and preparation has led you here. Have a read of King Recruit’s guide on how to ace the interview and overcome those interview hurdles.  The Interview starts as soon as you shut your front door! As the saying goes first impressions count, and it’s certainly true of a job interview. So…

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How to prepare for an interview

Congratulations! You've been asked to attend an interview!   "Fail to prepare and prepare to fail", this quote couldn't be more appropriate when it comes to preparing for an interview.   By demonstrating to the Interviewer you have taken time to prepare for the opportunity you are showing enthusiasm, dedication and that you are serious about the position. Being prepared…

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How to write an impactful cover letter

How to write an impactful cover letter. When creating your job application, sending your CV may not cut it if you are one of many applying for the role.   A well-written cover letter is the most effective way to help your application stand out. The potential employer will see more than just your work history; they learn about you,…

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How to create a standout CV

Before you even start the search for your new career, creating a standout CV is paramount. Get it right and you'll get noticed, get it wrong and you could be rejected or overlooked for the perfect opportunity. Whilst it's important to tailor your CV for each position you apply for, there are certain guidelines to follow to ensure consistency and…

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